A guide to do it yourself home safety and security

DIY Safety

The section of the site addresses do-it-yourself home safety from home accidents, fires, injuries, etc. There are many simple and affordable ways that a home owner or apartment renter can easily improve their safety:

1. Improve lighting
Adding motion sensor or dusk to dawn flood lights can help avoid injury in dark areas of your home and surrounding property. Versions which would need to be wired into your home’s electrical system can be had for under $50. Solar powered versions of these motion sensor lights, which have a small solar panel and a batter to store the energy, can be purchased for about $50 to $100 from most hardware stores, or online. The solar powered versions have the benefit of not needing to be wired into your electrical system, making them extremely easy and safe to install.

2. Additional Smoke Detectors
Smoke detectors cost just a few dollars these days, and some local fire departments will even give them away for free. Adding a smoke detector to every room and hallway is an affordable way to reduce the risk of catastrophic fires. Better yet, purchase smoke detectors which tie into a security system, so that you will be better notified during a fire, rather than having to hear only one smoke detector’s siren going off.

3. Carbon Monoxide and Natural Gas Detectors
Carbon monoxide detectors are also very affordable these days, and are even given away for free by the fire departments in some areas. Have at least one carbon monoxide detector on each floor of your home. Some higher end Carbon Monoxide detectors also function as natural gas detectors, and will alert you to a natural gas leak.

3. Have Enough Fire Extinguishers
Most fires start out very small, and if they can be extinguished in the first few seconds then the damage may be trivial or non-existent. This means that you will need fire extinguishers nearby so that you can quickly use them, not on a separate floor of your house or buried in a closet. Again, fire extinguishers can be purchased for about $20, and this money well spent.

4. Have Phones in Every Room
During an emergency, calling for help quickly can be the difference between life and death. Having land line phone and/or cell phones readily available can save precious seconds. They can also allow an injured person who is unable to leave the room to call for help.

5. Manage Slip and Fall Hazards
Installing non-slip mats in wet places such as bathrooms can prevent slip and fall accidents, which are a particular problem for the elderly. Flood sensors which can detect a leaking basement before an unknowing home owner slips on the water can also help.