A guide to do it yourself home safety and security

DIY Security

The section of the site addresses do-it-yourself home security from burglars and home invaders. There are many simple and affordable ways that a home owner or apartment renter can easily improve their security:

1. A DIY Security System
A do-it-yourself wireless or hard wired security system is a great way to add security to your home for very little money. These systems are feature rich yet easy to use, and offer a variety of different sensors, such as infrared for motion, door/window contact, glass break, smoke, fire, flood, etc. These wireless security systems are easy to install (I set mine up in just a couple hours), reliable, and effective.

2. Motion Sensor Lights
Adding a few motion sensor lights around your home is a good way to deter would-be robbers, burglars, and home invaders. Versions which would need to be wired into your home’s electrical system can be had for under $50. Solar powered versions of these motion sensor lights, which have a small solar panel and a batter to store the energy, can be purchased for about $50 to $100 from most hardware stores, or online. The solar powered versions have the benefit of not needing to be wired into your electrical system, making them extremely easy and safe to install.

3. Window Bars
Adding bars to cover large open windows through which a burglar or home invader may enter is a cheap and easy way to improve security. These bars need not make your home look like a prison, as they can be quite ornamental, or hidden by curtains. There are also bars specially designed for installation over the glass on doors, to prevent a burglar or home invader from breaking the glass and then reaching through to unlock the door.

4. Door Locks
Adding additional door locks, or upgrading the existing locks, can go a long way to improve security. First, make sure that your doors have dead bolt locks. Adding kick plates to the doors, which help prevent a burglar or home invader from kicking in your door and breaking the locks, is a good idea as well. Kick plates can be purchased for about $10.

5. Security System Signs
Most criminals are looking for an easy target. Having conspicuous security system signs can can convince a burglar or home invader to leave your home alone and try for one that looks less protected.

6. A Video Monitoring and Recording System
A high quality, digital video monitoring and recording system can be had for surprisingly little cost nowadays, at least compared to the thousands of dollars they cost just a few years ago. These systems may help to deter criminals if they see the cameras, and can help the police solve the crime afterward.

7. A Driveway-Alarm-Type System
These systems, which cost well under $100, will trigger a remote buzzer inside when there is motion outside. Installing these systems in your garage, or outside near your home will alert you when someone is nearby. If they are installed in an area where people should not be at night, such as right outside your window, you can gain precious seconds of time before a crime is actually committed.

8. A Dog
Man’s best friend is a great pet and valued member of the family… and a great security system. Dogs have superior hearing, are naturally territorial, and can alert you of an unauthorized presence in your home. Their barking may scare away a criminal, and in the worst case scenario, your dog may hep defend you physically.

9. Telephones in Every Room
Having telephones and/or cell phones nearby at all times allow for quicker to/from to the police and/or alarm monitoring companies. Every second can count, so the less time spent finding a phone the better.

10. Firearms
This site is dedicated to the use of security systems and other non-violent approaches to prevent or defeat burglary and home invasion attempts, and the use of firearms is beyond the scope of this site. Those interested in guns for home defense may want to visit www.learnaboutguns.com for more information on that topic.